Conchiglioni ripieni al ragù
Crispy Ragu filled pasta shells oven baked with Parmesan

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Conchiglioni ripieni al ragù

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Adjust Servings:
Ragu sauce">300 grams of a good Ragu sauce
2 tbsp Olive oil and some more for sprinkling on the dish
100g/ 3 oz Feta
about 50g/ 2 oz grated parmesan
conchiglioni pasta">300g/ 10oz of a good conchiglioni pasta

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  • 30 minutes or less
  • 30 minutes
  • Serves 6
  • Easy




Conchiglioni pasta with ragu sauce, it’s a heaven dish that will take the Ragu a step further in depth of flavors.

Conchiglioni is a shell shaped pasta, in Italian conchiglia means seashells and this is exactly the shape of the pasta.

Because of the hollow shape, it calls for a nice filling or sauce to back up this open structure.

The conchiglioni pasta with ragu is an Italian dish that we bake in the oven with parmesan to increase crunchy texture and deep of flavors.

Every meat pasta starts with a good Ragu sauce

The Ragu sauce is a heavy thick meat sauce that cooks for hours and uses several kinds of meats to create deep flavor and full body.

I usually make the ragu in big batches and use it for various dishes, this sauce is by far the best meat sauce for pasta.

Conchiglioni pasta with ragu, sounds fancy, right?

Fact is that it is a simple shell like pasta filled with ragu sauce, covered with parmesan, I added feta as well because I like the sour taste in the dish.

Conchiglioni pasta with ragu sauce

The Italians sometimes make Bechamel sauce, mix it with the ragu-bolognese sauce and pour over the Conchiglioni pasta, it’s a nice variation but also a heavy one, I’ll stick to the simple dish.

The method is simple, take a spoon and fill the shells with the heavy ragu sauce, it might be easier when the sauce is cold since it’s almost like a paste and can be easily shaped.

Conchiglioni pasta with ragu sauce

We’re almost done, did I say simple?

We set up the lovely shells in a baking pan, sprinkle with olive oil and grated parmesan, throw in whatever variation comes to your mind, I added some feta cheese and bake.

Conchiglioni pasta with ragu sauce

baking time is short, not more than 25 minutes on 200°c/ 400°F, the sauce and pasta are already cooked so we want to golden brown the top and get some crunchiness into the dish

Enjoy this great conchiglioni pasta with ragu sauce, it’s an easy comforting dish for every occasion.


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5 minutes

fill the pasta shells

Preheat oven to 200°c/ 400°F.
Use a cold Ragu sauce and with a small tea spoon fill the shells with the pasta and place in a baking pan.
Add a few more tablespoons of Ragu sauce between the shells.

25 minutes

setting the pan for the oven and baking

Tear the feta by hand and throw into the baking pan randomly.
Grate parmesan over the dish and sprinkle with olive oil.
Bake until golden crispy on the top.

5 minutes

cool and serve

Take the baking pan out of the oven and let cool for 5 minutes.
Serve and sprinkle with some more olive oil


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