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Oven-baked crushed Potatoes

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Adjust Servings:
1½ KIlo/ 4 pounds Potatoes plain white potatoes will do
drizzle Olive oil
pinch Atlantic salt

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Oven-baked crushed Potatoes

  • 30 minutes or less
  • Gluten Free
  • Oven
  • Vegan
  • Vegeterian
  • 1 hour 35 minutes
  • Serves 4
  • Easy




Potatoes are a great side dish they can accompany fish, meat, or eaten as a salad with good complementing dressing, and the crushed oven baked version are my personal favorite.

I have found that the crushed potatoes are one of the best way in making potatoes, they are tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. We use two cooking methods here, boiling the potatoes in hot water and then roasting them in the oven for the crust, it really is a winner potato side dish that you won’t be able to stop eating.

baked crushed potatoes

there is no right or wrong in this recipe you can use almost every kind of potato, starchy, big, small, red, white and they will always come out good.

Potato Game plan

the idea is to boil the potatoes, first, this action has two main reasons the first one is that it brings out all the sugars of the potato and moisten them (it is important because we will roast them in the oven on high temperature). the second point for boiling them is that only like this we can actually crush them and get them flat on the surface of the baking pan.

Regarding oil, I like to use olive oil, it gives a fresh tangy flavor to the potatoes and it’s much more healthy than any other kind of oil, but of course any will do. So spread a bit on the parchment baking sheet set on a baking pan, put the potatoes on it and the best way is just use your palm or any other potato crusher to flatten them.

I sprinkle some more olive oil and some atlantic sea salt on top. We want to create a tender potato on the inside and a nice firm crust on the outside, so set your oven on high heat, remember, we only want to get the crust going, the potatoes are fully cooked inside so high temperature is needed.


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30 minutes

boil potatoes

In a large pot, boil full potatoes, skin on, for 30 minutes, don't let them get too soft, but they need to be a bit soft so we can crush them.
meanwhile preheat the oven to 225c/450F.
Let the potatoes rest for a few minutes to cool down and crush with your palm

45 minutes

Bake potatoes and serve

sprinkle olive oil on the crushed potatoes and season with salt.
roast potatoes for 45-55 minutes until golden and crisp.
take out to a serving bowl, add some more olive oils and serve.


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