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Cherry Jam Recipe For Sticky Red Goodness

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5 Lbs / 2.25 Kg Cherries Fresh or Frozen
6 Cups White Sugar
2 Packs Fruit Pectin Liquid fruit pectin
1 Tbsp Butter Optional: Unsalted butter

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Cherry Jam Recipe For Sticky Red Goodness

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Or a How-To Tutorial for Jams in General

So yes, I will give in the end the recipe for the cherry jam but first, I would like to go over how to make jams in general and how to sterilize your jars. This is very important if you’re making a big batch and want to store it or give to friends and family. Although if you already know how to make jams then feel free to jump to to the end and read the recipe. For all others I highly recommend reading this before.

So How To Make A Jam? Short Version:

  1. Sterilize the jars
  2. Mash & cook Jam ingredients
  3. Pour into the jars
  4. Sterilize again

That’s it. pretty simple. but here I’m going to explain how to sterilize the jars because this will result if your jams lasts for two weeks or One Year outside the fridge…

In more words…

Sterilizing the Jars:


Heating water in a big pot.


Adding Jars to The Pot. Let them sit in the boiling water till you use them. For convenience I usually prefer to use a different pot for the lids.


When the jam is ready to be poured pull the jars from the boiling water. Don’t forget the glass is very hot so do it with care!


Pour the jam and fill the jars leaving about 1/2 inch free.


With a wet paper towel wipe the top of the jars. This step is very important if you intend to store the jam for several months. It will prevent bacteria from growing.


Closing the jars.


Sterilizing the Jars. Again. Yes, That’s also a very important step that will ensure your jam living a long and happy life!


After few minutes pull the jars from the water. Remember that they are very hot!!


Let them rest of a kitchen towel till they get to room temperature. I (and most people I know) use Ball Mason Jars. If you did then wait for the “click”, then you know the jar is really sealed!

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5 Minutes

Mashing the Cherries

In a food processor, put your chosen fruit and mash it. Pour everything to a big pot.
Note: you can use frozen fruits just make sure they're in room temperature before using them.

10-15 Minutes

Cooking the Jam

1. On Medium heat cook the mashed fruits. After 5 minutes add the sugar and mix well.
2. Continue stirring occasionally and bring to a boil.
3. Optional step: When it boils add the butter and bring to a second boil. It will give the jam a more nutty flavor and also a more clear look.
4. Add the pectin (or gelatin). The color will immediately change to dark red. Stir for a minute and remove from the heat. The jam is now ready to be poured!

1 Minute

Filling The Jars

Actually this is pretty self-explanatory.... Just be careful not to burn yourself because the Jam, jars and pot are very very hot!
Also, don't forget to read above how to sterilize the jars because you still need to put them back in boiling water.


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