Dates And Nuts Roulade
A Delightful Vegan Dessert That's Loved By All

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Dates And Nuts Roulade

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Adjust Servings:
1 Lbs / 0.5 Kg Dates Paste
0.5 Cup Hazelnuts Roasted unsulted
0.25 Cup Pecans Roasted unsulted
0.25 Cup Walnuts Roasted unsulted

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  • 30 minutes or less
  • 5 - 20 Minutes
  • Serves 8
  • Easy




We used to eat this dates and nuts roulade at my home forever. It is one of those desserts / dishes where the taste is much greater than its limited list of ingredients. It has an unbelievable umami that hits you the second you take a bite in it.

Now I know this is vegan and it is probably very trendy but the only reason I make it is because it is just good!

Making it couldn’t be easier! but you would need to gather some ingredients. or should I say one in particular. To make it you would need to find a dates paste. It is not always an easy task unless you know exactly where to look.

Another option is to make the paste yourself but that would mean pitting the dates and mashing them to a paste. Not fun!

Assuming success finding the dates paste all you need to do is:

  1. roasting the nuts
  2. Mix them with the paste
  3. Rolling to a roulade shape and
  4. Cover with coconut flakes



More tups for success:

  1. Work with a room temperature date paste (otherwise you’re in for an exercize…)
  2. Always look for pits parts in the paste. They don’t always do a good job cleaning them at the factory
  3. My favorite date type would be Medjhul. Look for it if possible
  4. Feel free to add / remove nuts to your liking but…
  5. Hazelnuts are important so keep them in 🙂
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10 Minutes

Roasting The Nuts

Skip to the next step if no need to roast the nuts.
In a dry pan on a medium heat spread the nuts. each kind separately and roast till lightly brown but not burnt!!


Making The Roulade

Mix the nuts in the dates paste.
Spread the mixture on an aluminium foil.
Form a roulade shape by pressing the foil with your hands.
After you have the desired shape, spread coconut flakes to cover all sides.
Store in the freezer. It is much easier to cut it when frozen.


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